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To us, there is nothing more beautiful than to gather the impressions of our clients. Many people tell us that they had the sensation of traveling back in time after having tasted our products, and of having tried those forgotten flavors of home, to which we are particularly attached. We think of this every time we walk in the land of our Conversano, a wonderful country full of history in the province of Bari. Our priority today is to maintain the highest attention to the collection processes and to the sustainability of our work. Together, in the family, we have created Sapori di Casa, a company that produces zero-kilometer natural preserves with extra-virgin olive oil made from ancient olive trees that were once of our great-grandparents. Only in this way can we make fresh products, made with seasonal fruit and vegetables, in the most artisanal way possible.

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An american dream: the ketchup locally sourced

It was the thirtieth birthday of Benny, owner of Sapori di Casa with his brother Francesco, and on the menu of the party no one had doubts: sandwich with pork for everyone. The problem was to combine something, a sauce, a side dish. It may seem like an easy choice, but Nardelli likes homemade flavors, and Benny likes to cook. What happened next is as incredible as spontaneous. We can not reveal the recipe, but we give you a clue! Tomato, celery, onion, capers, oil, salt and fennel seeds and a little chili pepper: these are the ingredients of 100% natural Apulian ketchup. It will have been madness, it will have been intuition, it will be that Benny and Francesco like the challenges and things done well, but in no time at all this organic sauce that has driven the birthday party's guests crazy has arrived in America, at The Summer Fancy Food Show in Manhattan, and is now being sold also in supermarkets and in the gourmet shops of Miami and New York.

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We make the sauce as it was once, and conserves it with the extra virgin olive oil of our production. Fruits and vegetables are hand-picked, respecting seasonality.

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